Trust Index

The Trust Index is a 10-parameter diagnostic tool. It is typically completed by a number of participants to:

  • Establish trust in a business-to-business (B2B) relationship;
  • Surface any issues that need addressing;
  • Leverage partnership results;

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Lack of trust can be a huge burden on business operations and can stifle opportunities or fail to achieve the goals and even end a partnership.

The Trust Index is a survey based on the perception of individuals through the interface between two or more organizations. It provides a consistent framework with a very high insight and performance platform to identify key areas for further investigation and action when appropriate.




Web service management;

Automated participant invitations, reminders and progress tracking;

Obtaining and calculating parameter scores and related improvement areas;

On time reports;

How it Works

Single relationship (2 or more partners), with mutual evaluations;

Internal participation to assess the capacity / performance of partners and / or partners assess the organization's capacity / performance. Unidirectional measurement (search mode);

Usually 5-25 participants from each partner (scalable at all levels of the organization);

Recommended to carry out a reevaluation (with periodicity to be defined), according to the criticality, and outputs from the first evaluation of the partnership;