Maturity Assessment Program (MAP)

The Maturity Assessment (MAP) is a diagnostic tool for a real perception by the organization of its capabilities and needs, strengths and current weaknesses regarding the maturity of the company for collaborative relationships. Therefore, it guides the choice of the ideal partner. It is modeled on the operational clauses of ISO 44001. It provides a reference for any organization and its current partners or seeks to develop a collaborative relationship with the goal of building trust and a common understanding of the principles and best practices needed to maximize the benefits of those relationships.

It is performed by several participants who occupy different vertical functions within the hierarchy of the organization. It establishes an organization’s willingness to engage in collaborative working relationships and partnership agreements.

MAP Report

Answers questions like:

◆ Where do we stand with regard to Collaborative Working?

◆ What should be our area of focus for improvement?

◆ How can we engage our partners in a more assertive and constructive way?

◆ Where should we focus attention (improvement) on our relationship with our strategic partners?

◆ Which are the skills and behaviors do I need to develop on my team and my partners team?


Web service management;

Automated participant invitations, reminders and progress tracking;

Optional anonymity control;

Obtaining and calculating parameter scores and related improvement areas;

On time reports;

How it Works

Multiple self-evaluations of an organization (department, project, team, etc.);

Usually 5-20 participants (scalable at all levels of the organization);

Option to extend the scope of diagnosis to clients and suppliers;

Recommended annual periodicity;