Our Mission

Promote the expansion
of companies in Portugal

The Investimentos Portugal company acts in order to promote the growth of Portuguese companies and its economy by bringing investment from national and international investors as well as the development and strengthening collaborative partnerships through the methodology certified by ISO 44001.

About Our Company

“Portugal, as a country, with all its qualities is prepared for growth. This growth will come by expanding its companies with collaborative partnerships and direct investments.”

Marta Rocha  – Founder & CEO

Nossos Serviços

Collaborative Business

Competitiveness is increasingly linked to the collaboration capabilities. We assist the implementation of ICW methodology of Collaborative Business Relationships and ISO 44001 certification.

Mergers &

We contact regularly with Portuguese companies in various industries, and seek for local or international investors actively investing in new business opportunities.

Real Estate

We operate in the international Real Estate investment market. We operate with mandates for the sale of assets in Portugal and Spain, and present them to the main international investors in Real Estate.

Our Partners

Parceiros | CNA
Parceiros | Consultan e Taylor Imóveis
Parceiros | Institute For Collaborative Working

Diagnostic Tools


Trust is a critical ingredient for any successful business relationship. The Trust Index is an easy‐to-use online tool that benchmarks the levels of trust between individuals and organizations. It is based on 10 key criteria and can collectively assess 10 – 50 individual inputs, to identify areas of potential risk. It provides a quick and easy monitor and diagnostic report for organizations to:

Validate the level of engagement across a collaborative relationship

Measure progress in building effective relationships

Focus development action plans

Assessment (MAP)

The aim of the Matutity Assessment (MAP) is to establish a profile that provides a consistent, identifiable and measurable approach that recognizes the benefits of developing collaborative relationships. The scheme will establish a consistent profile for an organization covering key areas in respect to an efficient collaborative relationships:

Approach, processes and competence

Relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

Strategic perspective to sustainability

More Tools

Other solutions for an efficient organizational collaboration

In addition to the Trust Index and Maturity Assessment, we have other solutions that help you to promote an organizational collaboration between your company and your partners. See the box on the side and make an appointment with us.

More Tools

Collaborative Leadership Profiling
The key to effective collaborative outcomes is in selecting and developing the leadership potential within organizations.

Relationship Alignment
Delivers a diagnostic report that provides a guide to strengths, weaknesses and levels of risk in current operations.

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